ACTAE regional project: 1st national multi-stakeholder workshop addressing agroecological transition in Vietnam

Group Participants

Group Participants

The 1st national multi-stakeholder workshop addressing Agroecological Transition in Vietnam, was held on the 5th and 6th of May 2016 in Hanoi. It was organized by CIRAD, GRET and PHANO as part of the inception phase of ACTAE project, funded by the French Agency for Development (AFD).

Participants to the workshop included about 40 specialists and practitioners from national and international NGOs, research and universities, farmers’ union, government agencies, development partners and private sector actively working on sustainable agriculture sector in Vietnam, among them the two Vietnamese members of CASEA network, NOMAFSI and SFRI.

The workshop has been very fruitful paving the way to some common principles, common understanding and common expectations about agroecology. There are still some works to do in order to define in an encompassing way agroecology but it is on the right track. This 1st national workshop was instrumental in laying down the foundations of a national Vietnam network that will partake in a regional Agroecology Learning Alliance, bringing together all stakeholders active in the field of agroecology. It was the first of its kind and it is expected that others will follow to keep on networking, sharing experiences and best practices and ultimately promote agroecology transition Vietnam in particular and in the Mekong region as a whole.

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