Annual meeting of EFICAS project Annual meeting of EFICAS project
On 27-28 March in Luang Prabang the EFICAS project hold its annual meeting.
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NOMAFSI Vietnam: final year activities of ADAM project and its strategy towards sustainability of the project’s outputs and impacts
In its final year ADAM project is spending increasing efforts to develop linkage with the provincial extension programs and activities towards sustainable application of the project’s research results.
Priorities of the Network
To test and develop CA-DMC (SCV) systems in irrigated and rainfed rice cropping
ADAM project Vietnam: strengthening linkage with local extension network to promote CA in the Northwest region
In its final year the ADAM project has been spending increasing efforts for promoting the adoption of CA practices in the Northwest Vietnam.
Activities implemented by the ADAM projet
The ADAM project is implemented following three main components : agronomic research for development, training activities and coimmunication
First efforts for the upland conservation in the North West of Vietnam,  AGB/2008/002 project
The first round of the project's field trials was conducted in 2010 by NOMAFSI in collaboration with Tay Bac University and local extension service staff. Teams of field ..
Vietnam: Strengthening of cooperation towards sustainable development of rubber in the Northern mountainous region of Vietnam
On October 31, 2012, the ceremony of signing cooperation memorandum between the Northern Mountainous Agriculture and Forestry Institute (NOMAFSI) and the Rubber Research Institute of Vietnam (RRIV) was organized in NOMAFSI, Phu Ho, Phu Tho, Viet Nam
Generic Activities of CANSEA
One (1) R&D project was prepared and submitted on January 15th, 2010 to the European commission:
The 3rd International Conference on Conservation Agriculture in Southeast Asia
As part of CANSEA, CIRAD and NOMSFSI together with UQ will organize the 3rd International Conference on Conservation Agriculture in Southeast Asia in in Hanoi on 10 - 15th 2012.
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