CA enjoys attention by CURE



The CURE (Consortium For Unfavorable Rice Environments)  11th Review and Steering Committee Meeting was held  on 2011 April 24-26 in Bangkok, Thailand.

At the meeting, the Consortium accomplishments for 2010/2011 were reviewed, and synthesis reports of the four working groups presented and discussed. In addition to the “traditional” focuses on developing stress-tolerant varieties, short-duration varieties and improving seed security, the working groups also focused on landscape management. In particular, the Upland Systems Group, of which NOMAFSI is a member, initiated to promote the CA for rice in the uplands. 

Supported by IFAD’s CURE, since 2010 NOMAFSI has spent efforts for developing CA techniques for rice in the Northern uplands of Vietnam. Preliminary results show that direct seeding on mulched with plant residues soil increased both the yield and profit  of rice while reduced the water requirement and weed problems. The institute has planned for up-scaling of the technique application in the country’s northern mountainous region.


Demonstration on CA for rice in the Northern mountain region of Vietnam

CA Enjoys Attention By CURE3

CA Enjoys Attention By CURE2

CA Enjoys Attention By CURE1