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First International Conservation Agriculture Workshop and Conference in Southeast Asia: Proceedings


The First International Conservation Agriculture Workshop and Conference in the Southeast Asia was organized in XiengKhouang, Lao PRD from October 28 to November 1, 2008.


The Workshop theme was "Investing in Sustainable Agriculture: The case of conservation agriculture and direct seeding mulch-based cropping systems".


The papers, presentations and posters can be downloaded from the following links.


SESSION 1: Agronomy and socio-economy of conservation agriculture and DMC systems

1.1. Integration of conservation and intensification agricultural technology in Yunnan. — Dayun Tao, Lingming Kong, Hongye Zhu, Fengyi Hu, Peng Xu, Jiawu Zhou, Xiangneng Deng, Jing Li and Wei Deng. Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, P.R. China
Paper — oral communication

1.2. Conservation agriculture on sloping lands in northern mountainous regions of Vietnam. — Le Quoc Doanh, Ha Dinh Tuan. Northern Mountainous Agriculture
and Forestry Science Institute (NOMAFSI), Vietnam
Paper — oral communication

1.3. Five years of adaptative research for upland DMC-based cropping systems creation in Cambodia. — Stéphane Boulakia, KOU Phâlly, SAN Sona, Leng Vira Chit Kimchhorn. PADAC project, CIRAD/MAFF, Cambodia
Paper — oral communication

1.4. Is conventional small scale cotton based agriculture sustainable in West and Central Africa? — Oumarou Balarabé, Lucien Séguy, Krishna Naudin. ESA2 project, Sodecoton/CIRAD, Cameroon
Paper — oral communication

1.5. Maize yield and profit increase under no-tillage system and crop rotation with leguminous in southern Xayaburi province, Lao PDR. — Hoà Tran Quoc, Florent Tivet,
Sompasith Senephansiri, Laty Keodouangsy, Thisadee Chounlamountry, Chanthasone Khamxaykhay, Lucien Séguy. PRONAE. PCADR, CIRAD/NAFRI, Lao PDR
Abstract — oral communication

1.6. When highlands meet lowlands in the area of lake Alaotra, Madagascar. Diversification and innovative processes in the context of high land pressure. — Raphaël Domas, Eric Penot, Herizo Andriamalala. BVLac project, CIRAD/BRL, Malagasy
Paper — oral communication

1.7. How to produce more biomass for direct seeding mulched-based cropping systems in Sub-saharian Africa? Example from North Cameroon. — Krishna Naudin,
Oumarou Balarabé. ESA2 project, Sodecoton/CIRAD, Cameroon
Paper — oral communication

1.8. Improving smallholder’s income generation by the integration of DMC by-products into pig raising activities. — Frédéric Jullien, S. Khampa, B. Rattanatray, S. Kang-air, B. Vongvichit, V. Phanlak, A. Philakoun, F. Tivet. PASS - PCADR, LCG/MAF, Lao PDR
Paper — oral communication


SESSION 2: Environmental services economy and eco-systemic properties

2.1. The notion of soil capital: Reflections at the frontier of economics and soil sciences. Natural capital and sustainable growth: A case study on Madagascar. — Timothée Ollivier and Pierre-Noël Giraud. CERNA- Mines Paristech, France
Paper — oral communication

2.2. Living with CA in the Lao PDR: Opportunities for enhancing agrobiodiversity resources in CA systems. — Kevin Kamp, Viengxong Chitavong, Thongdam Phongphichith. SDC, Laos
Paper — oral communication

2.3. Production of primary biomass and sequestration of carbon with a high water efficiency – the comparative advantages of DMC technology. — Francis Forest, Michel
Raunet, Bruno Lidon. CIRAD, France
Paper — oral communication

2.4. Changes in soil aggregation, soil water holding capacity and soil biological activity under no-till systems and cropping sequence in Lao PDR. — Florent Tivet, Hoà Tran Quoc, Johnny Boyer, André Chabanne, Chansamone In-thavong, Sompasith Senephansiri, Laty Keodouangsy, Thisadee Chounlamountry, Chanthasone
Khamxaykhay, Khamkeo Panyasiri and Lucien Séguy. PRONAE – PCADR, NAFRI/CIRAD, Lao PDR1.8
Paper — oral communication

2.5. Dynamic and structure of soil macrofauna communities under plant covers used in DMC systems in Sakon Nakhon Province, Thailand. — Johnny Boyer, Phakphoom Tantachasatid, Sornprach Thanisawanyangkura,Lucien Seguy. Kasetsart university/CIRAD, Thailand
Abstract— oral communication

2.6. Natural capital and sustainable growth: A case study on Madagascar. — Timothée Ollivier, Pierre-Noël Giraud. CERNA- Mines Paristech, France
Paper — oral communication

2.7. Payments for Environmental Services (PES) for watershed management in northern Laos. — Phonexay Sengsoulychanh, Claire Mousquès, Alana George, Oloth Sengta-heuanghoung, Keoudone Latchackack, Olivier Ribolzi, Olivier Planchon, Alain Pierret. IRD/IWMI/NAFRI, Lao PDR
Paper — oral communication

SESSION 3: Determining factors in up-scaling technologies and innovative systems

3.1. Adoption of Conservation Agriculture in Laos: A case study in the Mekong Corridor, Lao PDR. — Hoà Tran Quoc, Guillaume Lestrelin, Frederic Jullien, Khamphane Kongthong, Chantasone Khamxaykhay, Florent Tivet. PRONAE – PCADR, CIRAD/NAFRI/Newcattle University, Lao PDR
Abstractoral communication

3.2. Determinants of DMC technologies adoption among smallholders in the lake Alaotra area, Madagascar. — Stéphane Chabierski, Eric Penot, Olivier Husson, Marie Hélène Dabat, Herizo Andriamalala and Raphaël Domas. BVLac project, CIRAD/BRL, Malagasy
Paperoral communication

3.3. Improved marketing of large ruminants following improvements in productions systems. — Alison Wilson, Viengsavanh Phimphachanhvongsod. SADU project, NAFRI/CIAT, Lao PDR.
Abstractoral communication

3.4. A farmer-group based approach linking research and development for the promotion of Conservation Agriculture in the Lao PDR. — Frédéric Jullien, Hoà Tran Quoc, Pascal Lienhard, André Chabanne, Anonth Khamhung, Khamkeo Panyasiri, Bounmy Rattanatray, Patrick Julien, Florent Tivet, Lucien Séguy. PRONAE – PCADR/PASS – PCADR/PROSA, Lao PDR
Paperoral communication

3.5. DMC, a tool for the raise of new forms of family based agriculture in Cambodia. — Stéphane Boulaka, Pen Vuth, Lord Reasmey and Stéphane Chabierski. PADAC project, CIRAD/MAFF, Cambodia
Abstractoral communication

3.6. Direct seeding mulch-based cropping systems for rice-beef production in the plain of jars, Xieng Khouang Province, Lao PDR: an example of “creationvalidation”
methodological approach
. — Pascal Lienhard, Florent Tivet, Bouapha Bounkhampone, Thammakham Sosomphou, Sengphanh Sayphoummie, Ienlang Phanthanivong and Lucien Séguy. PRONAE – PCADR, NAFRI/CIRAD, Lao PDR
Paperoral communication

3.7. Structured or spontaneous extension of DMC techniques in small scale cotton based agriculture? The Northern Cameroon case study. — Oumarou Balarabé, A. Abou Abba, Dominique Olivier and Krishna Naudin. ESA2 project, Sodecoton/CIRAD, Cameroon.
Paperoral communication

SESSION 4: Strategy and tools to interact in between stakeholders

4.1. Institutional tools to promote conservation agriculture in Lao PDR. — Anonh Khamhoung, André Chabanne, Florent Tivet, Frédéric Jullien, Bounmy Rattanatray, Soulivanthong Kingheo, Patrick Julien, Lucien Séguy. CIRAD/LCG/NAFRI
Paperoral communication

4.2. Scaling-out improved village pig production based on the use of stylo. — Phonepaseuth Phengsavanh, Werner Stu?r. L4PP project, NAFRI/CIAT, Lao PDR
Paperoral communication

4.3. Think before you plant: an overview of the research-extension information system. — Bandith Ramangkoun, Khankham Ouanoudom, Andrea Schroeter, Michael Victor. AIM project, NAFRI/NAFES, Lao PDR
Abstractoral communication

4.4. New tools for training and capacity building in taxonomy: Perspectives in development and conservation. — Pierre Grard, Juliana Prosperi, Khampeng
Homsombath. OSWALD project, CIRAD/NAFRI – Larrec, Lao PDR
Paper — oral communication

4.5. ORCATAD, developing a database of exemplary practices in conservation agriculture. — Rico Lie, Florent Tivet. ORCATAD project, Wagenigen University- CIRAD/NAFRI, Lao PDR
Paperoral communication

4.6. Role of WASWC in conserving soil and water worldwide, with emphasis on direct seeding. — Samran Sombatpanit. WASWC, Thailand
Paperoral communication


1. F. Jullien, S. Khampa, B. Rattanatray, S. Kang-air, F.Tivet, B. Vongvichit, V. Phanlak, A.Philakoun, 2008. Improving smallholder's income generation by the integration of DMC by-products into pig raising activities, Lao PDR.
2. P. Lienhard, F. Tivet, B. Bounkhampone, T. Sosomphou, S. Sayphoummie, I. Phantanivong, L. Séguy, 2008. Direct Seeding Mulch-based Cropping Systems for Rice-Beef Production in the Plain of Jars, Xieng Khouang Province, Lao PDR: an Example of “Creation-Validation” Methodological Approach.
3. H. Tran Quoc, G. Lestrelin, F. Jullien, K. Kongthong, C. Khamxaykhay, F. Tivet, 2008. Adoption of Conservation Agriculture in Laos: A case study in the Mekong Corridor.
4. A. Chabanne, F. Tivet, L. Séguy, F. Jullien, B. Rattanatray, K. Panyasiri, A. Khamhoung, 2008. Direct seeding Mulch based Cropping systems (DMC) in Lao PDR : A Holistic Approach to Generate, Adapt, Validate and Disseminate Technologies with Smallholders.
5. A. Chabanne, A. khamhoung, F. Tivet, L. Séguy, 2008. Direct seeding Mulch based Cropping systems (DMC) in Lao PDR: A sector-based program in agroecology for a national extension of DMC.
6. F. Tivet, P. Lienhard, A. Chabanne, V. Saphanthong, T. Sosomphou, L. Séguy, 2008. Physical Characteristics of Soil under Different Cropping and Natural Systems on the Plain of Jars, Xieng Khouang Province, Laos.
7. Asia Invest Programme, 2003-2007. Building parnerships between European & Asian companies.
8. Asia Invest Programme, 2008. Project in Focus : Open Resource on Conservation Agriculture for Trade and Development (ORCATAD).
9. Countries Involved in Conservation Agriculture and Participating to the workshop. Phonsavanh – Xieng Khouang Province Lao PDR. October 28th to November 1st 2008.

10. PRONAE, 2008. Soil Mean Weight Diameter (MWD): a tool for soil aggregation characterization.
11. PRONAE, 2008. Soil Bulk Density (Da): a tool for soil porosity characterization.
12. PRONAE, 2008. Soil Macro Fauna Survey: a tool for soil biological activity characterization.
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21. F. Forest, M. Raunet, 2008. Soil Water Conservation, Biomass Production and Carbon Sequestration Modelling DMC Cropping Systems.


1. Training and communication supports to be exchanged between countries of the GMS region on CA and DMC topics.
Paperoral communication
2. Research topics and methodologies to be shared between teams working on CA and DMC systems in the countries of the GMS.
Paperoral communication
3. Environmental services evaluation and Payment for environmental services perspectives in the countries of the GMS.
Paperoral communication
4. Alternatives and approaches to be integrated to promote sustainable agriculture at landscape level in Lao PDR.
Paperoral communication


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Workshop wrap up




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