Generic Activities of CANSEA

Generic Activities Of CANSEA3

Generic Activities of CANSEA for 2010 & 2011

– To support partners to define, prepare and jointly submit R4D projects;

One (1) R&D project was prepared and submitted on January 15th, 2010 to the European commission: “Agroecology Alternatives to Sustain Agriculture Productivity in degraded dry Lands in South-East Asia (AASAP – SEA)”. Food Security Thematic Programs (FSTP), Component 1 – Research and Technology. 2009 – 2010 Global Program on Agricultural Research for Development (ARD). Reference: EuropeAid/128500/C/ACT/Multi. This project is being assessed. It brought together 5 partners (China – Yunnan; Indonesia – IAARD; Laos – NAFRI; Vietnam – NOMAFSI & SFRI and the CIRAD. NAFRI (CANSEA) was the official project applicant at the European Commission. CANSEA financed a mission of Mr. Bruno Lidon to help the Regional Coordination prepare the project proposal.

Proposal of the RC CANSEA: To set up a small competitive fund to financially support the preparation of new R4D projects of regional interest. The evaluation will be based on a “Concept Note” of some few pages in order to meet precise assessment criteria:

– Regional Interest (relevance) of the project;

– Number of partners associated;

– Level of cooperation with the CIRAD.

– Level of commitment of partners (human, material and financial resources);

– Feasibility of the project considering human, material & financial resources;

– Methodology and organization of the project.

The selected Concept Notes would receive a financial support to facilitate the finalization of a complete project. A competitive fund of US$ 136,000 could be put in place to select few projects to be supported. Contribution of the network Member will be of US$ 21,000.  New funding contribution of US$ 105,000 will be necessary.

Expected projects to be prepared in 2010-2011