Annual meeting of EFICAS project Annual meeting of EFICAS project
On 27-28 March in Luang Prabang the EFICAS project hold its annual meeting.
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Important events

Hanoi: Cooperatively to map out a R&D agenda and strategy for Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security inSoutheast Asia


At the Workshop on Mapping out a CCAFS R4D Agenda & Strategy for Southeast Asia,  organized in Hanoi on 12 – 14 March by CCAFS Regional Program for Southeast Asia (CCAFS-SEA), International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), International Research Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Science (VAAS), representatives from NARS, CGIAR CCAFS focal persons and donors have shared their concerns and knowledge on: (i) contemporary challenges, opportunities and state of climate change and its major impacts on agriculture and food security in SEA, (ii) the status of complementation and synchronization of current climate change R4D initiatives among CGIAR Centers and NARS in the region; (iii)  knowledge, information and policy gaps on climate change in the region. They also spent attempts to map out a regional R4D agenda and strategy for CCAFS-SEA in the next three years and to draw up an impact pathway for climate change R4D for SEA.

 The workshop was a step further forward to a better synergy of activities and inputs for a CC resilient Southeast region with reduced food insecurity problems.


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