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Annual general meeting of ALiSEA in Vietnam (Hanoi, November 2017)

In 13th and 14th November 2017 an annual meeting about topic “Towards an agroecology transition” will be held in Hanoi by […]
ACP My Tho

Workshop on Agroecological Crop Protection in My Tho, Tien Giang (Vietnam)

ACTAE is a regional project, funded by AFD (French Agency for Development) and Cirad, aimed at promoting agro-ecological principles and practices […]

Minutes of the workshop ACP-ACTAE in Hanoi April 2017

This workshop is dedicated to gathering partners on the same level of information, both on the current working research axes in […]

EFICAS project (GCCA): Innovative landscape approaches can tackle complex upland development challenges

Over the past decades a large range of technical options have been tested successfully in the Northern Uplands of Lao PDR […]
Nguoi Dan Canh Tac Tren Ruong Bac Thang

Review of priority CSA practices in the three Northwestern provinces of Vietnam, Son La, Dien Bien and Yen Bai

In a bid to sustain agricultural production in the face of climate change the Government of Vietnam through the Ministry of […]
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Conservation agriculture promoted as the best practice for coping with climate change at COP21

“Farming Forward for Climate Change” – A Manifesto for Action Global decision makers need to adopt sensible action plans for sustainable […]
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Annual meeting of EFICAS project

The EFICAS project (Eco-Friendly Intensification and Climate-resilient Agricultural Systems) hold its annual meeting on 27-28 March in Luang Prabang. You will […]
Priorities Of The Network1

Introduction to Cansea

INTRODUCTION TO CANSEA Context and background Different contexts explain the development and the dissemination of conservation agriculture in South-East Asia and […]
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The CANSEA Strategic Plan 2014 – 2018

The CANSEA strategic plan, which is built on numerous consultations, describes how CANSEA will bring added value through supports to national […]
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NOMAFSI Vietnam: final year activities of ADAM project and its strategy towards sustainability of the project’s outputs and impacts

The ADAM project “Support to extension of agro-ecology approach for improving cropping systems efficiency and durability in Northwestern mountainous areas of […]

Priorities of the Network

Priorities of the Network for 2010 & 2011 Regional Component 1. To test and develop CA-DMC (SCV) systems in irrigated and rainfed […]
First Efforts For The Upland Conservation In The North West Of Vietnam AGB2008002 Project3

First efforts for the upland conservation in the North West of Vietnam, AGB/2008/002 project

The first round of the project’s field trials was conducted in 2010 by NOMAFSI in collaboration with Tay Bac University and […]