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On 27-28 March in Luang Prabang the EFICAS project hold its annual meeting.
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Second International Conservation Agriculture Workshop and Conference in Southeast Asia: Presentations



The Second International Conservation Agriculture Workshop and Conference in Southeast Asia was organized in the Royal University of Agriculture, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on 04 - 07 July, 2011.

Download the presentations from the below.



Introduction to direct seeding mulch-based (DMC) cropping systems. Case study of adaptive research for the creation of DMC-based cropping systems creation in Cambodia

by Stéphane BOULAKIA, KOU Phâlly, SAN Sona, LENG Vira and CHHIT Kimchhorn



Session 1 - Managing C by cropping systems in conservation agriculture


C sequestration, soil quality, crop profitability and environmental quality

by Pr. João Carlos de Moraes Sá, State University of Ponta Grossa


Changes in soil organic C upon land use conversion and no-till systems in Laos

by Dr. Florent Tivet


Session 2: Soil biology and Ecology


Introduction to Soil Biology and Ecology: The soil food web and effects of management

by Dr. Susan S. Andrews, National Leader for Soil Ecology, USDA-Natural Resource Conservation Service


Early effect of no tillage on soil characteristics and microbiota: a case study in a tropical ecosystem (altitude plains, Lao PDR)

by Pascal Lienhard, CIRAD, NAFRI Laos


Impact of plant covers on soil biological quality

by Dr. Johnny Boyer, CIRAD, Kasetsart University


Session 3 – Soil Quality assessment and monitoring


C monitoring: sources of uncertainties: methods for large scale sampling, and tools for measurement (Title changed to: Emissions and Mitigations: Quantifying emissions from LUC and soil C loss and storage)

by Pr. João Carlos de Moraes Sá


Soil Quality Assessment: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods

by Dr. Susan S. Andrews


Soil aggregation: a synthetic tool for evaluating SOC protection and soil quality (Title Changed to: Understanding the aggregation in Conservation Systems with permanent cover crops

by Dr. Florent Tivet, CIRAD 



Regional conference on Conservation Agriculture


Keynote speaker: Pr. Joao Carlos de Moraes Sá, State University of Ponta Grossa.  “History of conservation agriculture in Brazil.”




Plenary Session 1: Autfray P. “Why is legume integration important in conservation agriculture cropping systems? Lessons regarding maize direct-mulch based cropping systems (DMC) cultivated on nitrogen rich soil in Ivory Coast.”


Plenary Session 2Boulakia S.  “Design of direct seeding mulch based cropping systems (DMC) for sustainable maize production in Cambodia.”


Plenary Session 3:  Lienhard P., Sosomphou T., Phanthanivong I., Sayphoummie S., Panyasiri K., Séguy L., and Tivet F.  “Conservation agriculture potential to improve farmers’ income and restore degraded soils: a case study in the altitude plains of Xieng Khouang province, Lao PDR.”


Plenary Session 4Chabierski S., Tyneth L., Rada K., Sona S., Penot E., and Boulakia S.  “First impacts of DMC adoption among smallholders in Cambodia.”


Plenary Session 5Andrews S.  “Relating soil quality assessment to economic return in the US.”


Concurrent Sessions


Concurrent Session 1: Socioeconomics and Conservation Agriculture


Halbrendt J.C., Lai C., Chan-Halbrendt C., Idol T., Ray C., and Roul P. “Development of an integrated approach for introducing conservation agricultural practices to the tribal communities of Odisha, India.”


Lai C., Chan-Halbrendt C., Halbrendt J., Naik D., and Ray C.  “Farmers preference for conservation agricultural practices in Kendujhar, Odisha.”


Saludadez J.A.  “The technology knowledge network in the conservation agriculture narrative of a farmer.”


Le Quoc Doanh and Pham Thi Sen  “Balancing food security and environmental conservation in the uplands: Vietnamese experience.


Khamxaykhay C., Panyasiri K., and Autfray P.  “Economical evaluations on conservation agriculture cropping systems during a 6-year-study on maize cash-crop cropping system in Xayabury Province, Lao PDR.”



Concurrent Session 2: Agronomy, Soils and Conservation Agriculture


Hauswirth D., Boulakia S., Doanh L.Q., and Thu D.V.  “Designing sustainable tea-based cropping systems fitting with development goals and agroecology concepts for smallholders in highlands of Vietnam: lessons from the ADAM project.”


Jones W.A., Eash N., Sauer T., Walker F., West T., Marake M., Lambert D., Wilcox M. and Bruns M. “Carbon sequestration in a tilled and untilled maize field in Lesotho, southern Africa.


Golabi M.H., and El-Swaify S.A.  “Integrated approaches for the rehabilitation of severely eroded soils for agricultural sustainability and natural resources preservation of the Micronesian island of Guam.


Nicetic O., Huan L.H., Nam T.D., Phuong N.H., Sen P.T., Kirchhof G. and Fliert E.  “Impact of erosion prevention methods on yield and economic benefits of maize production in North West Vietnam.


Mercado A. “Conservation agriculture research in the Philippines.”



Poster Presentations


Doanh L.Q., and Tuan H.D.  “Conservation agriculture on sloping lands in northern mountainous regions of Vietnam.”


Bruns M., Eash N., Walker F, Jones W.A., Marake M., Wilcox M., Lambert D., and Stobbe E. “Maize yield response to N, P, K, population, and planting date in Lesotho, southern Africa.”


Eash N., Walker F., Lambert D., Wilcox M., Marake M., Wall P., Basson A., Bruns M., and Bruns W. Sustainable subsistence smallholder conservation agriculture systems in Lesotho.  Authors:


Ella V.B.  “Soil quality studies under conventional plow-based and conservation agriculture production systems in Claveria, Misamis Oriental, Philippines.”


Godbole A.  “Promoting Conservation agriculture through innovative partnerships in north western Ghats, India.”


Golabi M.H. “Management solution for enhancing soil organic carbon to improve crop productivity and maintain agricultural sustainability in the tropical island of Guam.”


Halbrendt J., Lai C., Chan-Halbrendt C., Idol T., Ray C., Evensen C., and Roul P.K. “An integrative approach for introducing conservation agricultural practices to tribal societies in India.”


Legoupil J.C., and Kingkeo S. “The Conservation Agriculture Network for South East Asia (CANSEA) an initiative to develop and disseminate CA in South East Asia.”


Mulvaney M.J., Moore K.M., Christie M.E., Norton G., Bertelsen M., Kelly M., and Sutphin L.K. “SANREM CRSP integrates soils, gender, technology networks, and economics to remove constraints to conservation agriculture in the developing world.”


Mulvaney, M.J., Moore K.M., Christie M.E., Norton G., Bertelsen M., Sutphin L.K. " SANREM CRSP: Cross-cutting research adapts conservation agriculture for dryland smallholders in developing countries."

Naab J.B., and Prasad P.V. “Influence of conservation agricultural practices on maize and soybean  yields in upper west region of Ghana.”


Nyanga P.H.  “Association of small-scale farmers’ perceptions of climate change and weather variability, and conservation agriculture in Southern, Central and Eastern Zambia.”


Okalebo J.R., Norton J., Mukhwana E.J., Omondi E., Sikuku D., Ongoga P.A., and Oluko P. “Development and transfer of Conservation Agriculture Production Systems (CAPS) for smallholder farmers in eastern Uganda and western Kenya.”


Yahaya I., Hashim I., Naab J.B., Prasad P.V., and Dalton T.J. “Knowledge of households, cropping systems and perceptions on conservation agricultural practices in upper west region of Ghana.”


Ponsich A., Chabierski S., Sovann P., Martin C., Rada K. “Cattle fattening opportunities through DMC adoption in Cambodia.”



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