The CANSEA Priorities for 2013

The CANSEA Priorities For 2013

The CANSEA Priorities For 2013

On the 14 December 2012 the Third Steering committee of the Network was held in Ha Noi within the framework of the 3rd International Conference on Conservation Agriculture in South East Asia (Hanoi 10-15 December 2012). The meeting was chaired by Mr. Anonh Khamhoung  who has replaced Mr. Soulivanthong  Kingkeo  (NAFRI)  as the Chairperson  of CANSEA according  to  the  reorganization  of  the  Ministry  of Agriculture &  Forestry (MAF) of  Laos-PDR . The secretariat of the meeting was ensured by Mr. Jean-Claude Legoupil, the Regional Coordinator of the network.

After reviewing the 2012 activities, the SC discussed about the 2013 priorities. It was agreed upon that in 2013 the network will give priorities to the following issues:

–  Finalize regional and regional projects presently under preparation or discussion or submission;

– Investigate the possible status for CANSEA allowing getting legal existence;

– Support  initiatives  to  address  the  issue  of  adapting  and  developing  suitable  Conservation Agriculture agricultural machineries;

–  Invest  time  and  reasonable  fund  to  maintain  CA  experimentation  and  demonstration  activities in Savannakhet;

– Develop the CANSEA Web site.

 Relevant actions were also proposed for each priority

See the annual report 2012 and Minutes of CANSEA SC meeting  for the details

The CANSEA Priorities For 2013 (1)
The CANSEA Priorities For 2013