Annual meeting of EFICAS project Annual meeting of EFICAS project
On 27-28 March in Luang Prabang the EFICAS project hold its annual meeting.
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Workshop for Scenario-guided planning for Climate Smart Agriculture


At the workshop in Ha Long Bay, Hai Phong, Vietnam, on 5-7 Novenber 2013,  four scenarios were developed with a group of participants from different sectors, based on their assessment of the top factors of change for the future of agriculture and food security in Southeast Asia.  This second wwprkshop, 8-9 May in Ha Noi, aims to revise and improve the scenarios tailored to the Viet nam context, Northern mountainous region in particular. It also aims to develop investment proposals for CSA in Viet Nam using the 4 scenarios.

Over 30 praticipants, including experts in CSA, private traders and decision makers attended the wprkshop. After 2 days of the workshop 4 proposals were proposed:

- Climate smart agriculture in the 3 provinces of the Northwest Vietnam (Son La, Dien Bien and Yen Bai) with the objective to make the poverty reduction activities in these 3 provinces climate smart

- Sustainable agriculture in the Northern mountainous region of Vietnam with the main objective to support the scaling-up of practices for sustainable land use

- A climate smart label for Shan tea in the Northern mountainous region of Vietnam which aims to improve environmental protection and Shan tea production in the region

- Linking short- and long-term resillience for the Norhern mountainous region of Vietnam which aims to improve the farming livelihoods through a combination of multi-dimentional safty nets and building adaptive planning capacity.

The workshop was organized by FAO, CCAFS and NOMAFSI within the framework of the CCAFS program and the CSA project implemented jointlty by FAO and NOMAFSI.

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