EFICAS Community Based Agri Development Planning

EFICAS Know-How Series – Community-based Agricultural Development Planning (CADP)

An emphasis was given over the past decade to participatory land use planning (PLUP), with strong policy support, development of methods […]
EFICAS Game Booklet

EFICAS Know-How Series – The EFICAS Game Booklet

The EFICAS project designed the game to explore eco-friendly intensification and sustainable development scenarios with farmers in northern uplands of Lao […]

LAOS: MAF deputy minister, French Ambassador, and AFD representatives visiting EFICAS villages in Luang Prabang

From 19 to 21 January 2019, H. E. Deputy minister of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) Dr Phouang Parisack PAVONGVIENGKHAM, […]

EFICAS project (GCCA): Innovative landscape approaches can tackle complex upland development challenges

Over the past decades a large range of technical options have been tested successfully in the Northern Uplands of Lao PDR […]

EFICAS project in Lao PDR

  EFICAS is abbreviation of Eco Friendly Intensifiaction and Climate resilient Agricultural Systems project. The EFICAS Project is funded by the […]