International Scientist School on Agro-ecological Crop Protection – Can Tho University

Agro-business model has provided some positive results but unequally distributed and non-sustainable. The limitations of this model include increasing dependence from inputs and fossil energy, and its major negative impact on the environment, economic and social aspects. Thus, agro-business is now considered as not any more sustainable.

The objectives of this Scientist School are:
– to better know and understand the concepts of ACP, methods, and tools for their implementation and jointly exchange the principles of ACP
– to engage participants in a collective dynamic of ACP and develop collaborations as well as research projects, with concrete deliverables, videos, articles, and training resources.

The series of lectures provides the alternative agro-ecological crop protection systems which focussed on sanitation, habitat management, and biological control.

The main lecturers of the International Scientist School on ACP are: Dr Jean-Noël Aubertot (INRA, France), Dr Philippe Cao Van (Cirad, Laos), Dr Jean-Philippe Deguine (CIRAD, France), Dr Duong Minh Vien (CTU, Vietnam), Pr Le Van Vang (CTU, Vietnam), Dr Nguyen Thi Ngoc Truc (Sofri), Dr Pham Thi Sen (Nomafsi, Vietnam), Dr Philippe Tixier (Cirad, France), Dr Kris Wyckhuys (Asia Entomology, Vietnam/China)

Please find below the training material:


Useful literature

Highlights of the International Scientist School Agroecological Crop Protection