NOMAFSI: Joint demonstration-training day on CA by NW and ADAM project

A demonstration-training day was organized by the NW ( and ADAM project ( on the World Environment Day, June 5, in Mai Son, Son La, Vietnam. Participants visited DMC systems trialed by ADAM project in the Northwest Agriculture and Forestry Research and Development center of NOMAFSI, and sites of soil erosion management experiments and outreach demonstration by the NW project in Mai Son district. They were also given chance to practice different DMC seeding equipment types and to discuss about advantage/disadvantage of each of them.


Aspects of soil erosion, sustainable cultivation on sloping lands and different technical options of CA were also discussed. All the participants acknowledged the benefits, both long- and short- term, of the technical options trialed/demonstrated by the two project. They however also noticed disadvantage of each option. With specific conditions of lands (steep slope, uneven surface, rocky) there are improvements to be made to make the technical options and equipment items adoptable by small scale farmers in the Northern mountainous region of Vietnam.