NOMAFSI Vietnam: ADAM project hosted CSA training class to CA research and demonstration site.

Today, September 13, 2014, in Son La, a Northwest province of Vietnam, 30 trainees, including provincial, district and commune extension officers together with the training facilitators and organizer visited one of the sites of the ADAM project (–strengthening-linkage-with-local-extension-network-to-promote-ca-in-the-northwest-region-792-798-12630.aspx), where the participants observed and discussed about the impacts of different conservation agriculture options, including DMC, DMC together with intercropping with different legumes (rice bean, H’mong bean, pigeon pea, stylo grass), DMC together with crop rotation (maize-cassava), and intercroping of forestry with maize. Barriers to the adoption by local small scale households of these technical options have also been discussed. In addition, participants also had chance to try some direct seeding equipments.  

Conservation agriculture options are among many CSA practices promoted by NOMAFSI in Vietnam Northwest region in partnership with the local extension network.


Intercriping of maize, rubber, coffee and tea

Cassava after maize


H’mong bean after harvest of maize


Rice bean after harvest of maize


Testing some direct seeding equipment items