Annual general meeting of ALiSEA in Vietnam (Hanoi, November 2017)

Annual general meeting of ALiSEA in Vietnam (Hanoi, November 2017)

Quick Facts About

In 13th and 14th November 2017 an annual meeting about topic “Towards an agroecology transition” will be held in Hanoi by GRET with funding support from AFD. The annual meeting aims to these objectives:

  • To reinforce and envision a broad coalition of stakeholders involved in the promotion of agroecology in Vietnam
  • To present and share ALiSEA progress activities and updates on granted organizations of the 1st and 2nd calls for proposals from ALiSEA and CANSEA Grant Facility
  • To reinforce members ownership through consultation on ALiSEA charter and governance
  • To identify collective actions and events to be organized in 2017-2018
  • To facilitate multi-stakeholders’ discussions about agroecology vision & practices as well as consumer perception towards Safe and Good products, ways to develop incentive for AE production upscaling in Vietnam

One of the most expected outputs of the annual report is an action plan which isdefined collectively to identify priorities events needed to be organized in 2017 and 2018 by ALiSEA and its members in Vietnam.

Participants are warmly welcome to bring to the annual general meeting some of their products, printed pictures of their work, posters, IEC materials, leaflets, name cards and any other relevant supports in order to enhance their visibility and foster networking and knowledge sharing. For further information, please kindly download the agenda of the meeting here