Workshop on Agroecological Crop Protection in My Tho, Tien Giang (Vietnam)

Workshop on Agroecological Crop Protection in My Tho, Tien Giang (Vietnam)

ACP My Tho

ACTAE is a regional project, funded by AFD (French Agency for Development) and Cirad, aimed at promoting agro-ecological principles and practices in Cambodia, Loa PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam. The overall objective of ACTAE project is to build sustainable and effective mechanisms to facilitate synergies among initiatives contributing to an agroecological transition in South East Asia between Research, Extension and Farmers.The overall object of the “Agroecological Crop Protection (ACP) ACTAE projectl is, by starting and promoting activities in a new field of Agroecology, to contribute to the global development of Agroecology in SEA through 3 specific purposes: i) Making a state of the art of Crop Protection in the zone and identifying the priority issues of Crop Protection that must be taken into account; ii) Training and information exchanging on AMCP for stakeholders (including training sessions and the organization of a regional Summer Scientist School); iii) Building the foundation of a ACP medium term project, integrating research, training, education and extension support (including already identified deliverables) with CANSEA partners.

We have to consider this project as a framewok to start basic activities (survey, exchange of information, training) and as a leverage to build a medium term ACP research project for CANSEA (2020-2024), with current and new technical and financial partners.

Meetings and seminars planned in this proposal are destinated to all ACTAE countries (Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia), such as workshops and Summer School. But, taking into account the limited amount of the requested budget, this AMCP proposal will particularly focus on developing partnership with two countries: Vietnam and Myanmar.

After the two previous ACP-ACTAE Workshops held in Hanoi (Vietnam, 25-26 April, 2017) and in Nay Pyi Taw (Myanmar, 3-5 May, 2017), this Workshop will be the third one, and it will be held in My Tho (Vietnam, 29-31, Auguste 2017). It is co-organized by Cirad and Sofri/Vaas, and it has an international level, including the participation of colleagues from Cambodia, Lao and Myanmar.

Download the Provisional Program of the Workshop