CANSEA Annual Steering Committee 2015: steps forwards

On 23 November 2015, the CANSEA SC was hold at Karsersat University, Bangkok, Thailand with participation of representatives from 6 member countries (Australia, China, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam), AFD office in Laos, leaders of some CIRAD projects on CA and agroecology, and CIRAD Regional Director, CANSEA Coordinator and researchers. At the meeting, the 2015 annual technical and financial report was presented and discussed. Each member country also presented a report on their current efforts as well as priority issues on conservation agriculture and agroecology in their countries.

This year the SC set up an aim to promote, in addition to conservation agriculture, also other agroecology efforts in the member countries and the region as the whole. The discussions were focused on the ways to strengthen CANSEA coordination and networking towards strengtherned and synergized efforts in the region. Main topics included:

–   To identify organizations, projects and human resources involved in CA and Agroecology in each member country

–   To define research priorities per country and the common subjects shared by several countries,

–   To identify and prioritize some research topics to be proposed for ACTAE project funding

–   To elaborate strategies to strengthen CANSEA network through national task forces, or scientific boards

–   To identify new projects and efforts 




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