NOMAFSI, Vietnam: Training on climate smart agriculture

Within the framework of the CSA project, funded FAO and EC, NOMAFSI (the Northern Mountainous Agriculture and Forestry Science Institute) is organizing 4-day training courses on climate change, climate smart agriculture and food security for decision makers, extension officers and technical staff working at the provincial, district and commune levels in the three Northwest provinces of Vietnam, Son La, Dien Bien and Yen Bai. The training program covers the following topics:

               –   Climate change: an introduction (concepts, causes and impacts)

               –   Response to climate changes (adaptation and mitigation)

               –   Climate change and agriculture

               –   Food security and challenges facing agriculture under conditions of CC

               –   Climate smart agriculture (introduction and concepts)

               –   Climate smart agriculture practices

               –   Barriers to adoption of CSA practices

               –   Overcome the barriers to adoption of CSA practices

               –   Roles of stakeholders in CSA

A visit to a site where CSA are being adopted is also included in the training program.