Towards research for development for agroecological transition in South-East Asia

Towards research for development for agroecological transition in South-East Asia

During April 23rd to 24th, 2018, regional partners of CANSEA have pooled together in Battambang, Cambodia to share views and explore relevant research for development orientations add

ressing agroecological transition in the region.

The workshop aimed to identify and define research for development activities that should be conducted towards agroecology in the region as well as the organizational principles to implement them.  The workshop results will then be presented and discussed at the CANSEA evaluation meeting that will be organized during 25th to 27th April 2018 in Battambang.

CANSEA, since its establishment in 2009, has functioned more as an institutional exchange network (awareness raising, lobbying) than a scientific platform sharing research and training actions. Its level of activity, production of knowledge, and involvement of members were mainly linked to the existence of national projects focusing on CA cropping systems. Thus, in agreement with all the members in order to address better the regional challenges, CANSEA is now entering a new phase. Its future orientations aim to expand the scope of activities, to include a wider range of agroecological practices, to develop research for development activities in partnership in the region. Thus, all members agreed to move from a network to a regional research for development platform in Agroecology for Southeast Asia with the role to promote agroecological transition of the region. To boost innovation with all the stakeholders, it requires better connections between research, development, policy and markets.

After 2 days working great ideas have been discussed and priority initiatives identified  in fields of R&D, policy advocacy, capacity building and partnership development.


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